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The beauty of online investing is that, due to the advance of securities law and technology, so much is known about stock investing today. Some years ago, you had to order annual reports and wait for them to arrive in the mail. Quarterly financial data came in the mail weeks late. If you wanted charts of stock prices, you had to create them day after day by hand or pay an outrageous sum of money to specialist firms to send them. And if you wanted statistics revealing how a stock had performed in the past, forget it. Even if you could find data providers that held such statistics, you probably couldn't afford them. And information was typically far from timely.

Today almost any current data point you could think about a public company is available somewhere online. The key, then, is to determine which data or factors are important and pick you stock.

Stock Investor Pro's goal is to bring all the online information you need in one place, so you wouldn't need to waste your time on screening through online resources and concentrate on online investing by doing stock research and selecting your winning stocks.

5 Steps for Successful Online Investing

  1. Find stocks you are interested in using one of the predefined or custom screens from Stock Screener

  2. Do a Fundamental Analysis of the stock using techniques described on Stock Research page to make sure the stock you like has good fundamental value

  3. Run Technical Analysis tools from Stock Research page to see if it's a good time to buy the stock

  4. Find a good Stock Broker, which you would use to purchase stocks you found. Use our Stock Broker page for a quick comparison

  5. Repeat you Stock Research weekly or at least monthly to make sure that stocks you purchased still have a good value

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