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'Lazy' portfolios for your retirement
From the 'No-brainer' to the 'Margarita,' these simple but effective index-fund portfolios can help long-term investors meet their goals with minimal management. more info

Easy ways to juice your portfolio
Take advantage of the tax code to increase your real investing returns. more info

7 credit myths that don't really hurt your scores
There are enough potential trouble spots for your credit's health without worrying about these myths. more info

4 steps to lending to friends and family
Without a sound plan, loaning money to friends and relatives can end up harming your finances -- and your relationships. more info

Are you saving too much for retirement?
Retirement planning can be extremely stressful, and outliving your finances is a real worry. Those concerns spur some people to save more than they need. more info

Pros and cons of long-term care insurance
If long-term care insurance is right for you, be sure to research your options before buying. more info

Savings showdown: Your retirement or kid's college
It's the 'Sophie's Choice' of personal finance decisions -- which one is your top savings priority? more info

Spring cleaning? Toss these investments
Rebalancing your retirement portfolio is more crucial than ever this year. more info

10 dirty secrets of the credit card industry
The less you know about the plastic in your wallet, the more it could cost you. more info

Gushing over oil stocks
Energy companies lead StockScouter's latest list of 10 recommended stocks for the second week in a row. more info

4 ways financial procrastination hurts us
There's a list of things you need to do to shore up your finances, but you never seem to get around to it. That's not good. more info

Running out of retirement money? What to do
Make the most of a disappointing nest egg with these strategies. more info

5 tips for avoiding supermarket traps
Simply being aware of the subtle ways grocery stores get you to spend can help save you money at the checkout. more info

Your retirement is in danger: Save it
Few financial issues are more important to us than planning for our golden years. Yet many people are at more serious risk of running out of money than they realize. more info

4 ways to cut your monthly car costs
Car expenses often rise in the spring and summer, when nice weather beckons drivers onto the road. Here's how to keep those costs to a minimum. more info

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